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Cloud Library

You can search the library's Cloud Library collection at  PPL's Cloud Library page.

Login using your library barcode number and the last four digits are your password. To access your Bookshelf and view checked-out items or check on your holds, click the 'My Books' button on the top center of the page.

Getting Started

The first step in setting up your Cloud Library account is to visit the library and ensure that your information is updated.  Any member of staff can help.

Once your account is updated, visit the  to find the app you will want to download to your device. 

 Download and install the relevant version of the Cloud Library app.  If you are having trouble with this step, please consult the support page on the Cloud Library site.

Now sign into your app using by answering all the questions except for your library select  'Illinois Heartland Library System' as your library name.

Enter your library card number found on the back of your library card into the appropriate field. The library card number is 14 digits long. Your PIN is the last four digits of your library card number.  

You are now signed-in!  Click the 'Search' button or the magnifying glass icon to begin searching for items.

Depending on the items' status, you will be able either to check it out or to place a hold.  

If you placed a hold you will be notified by email when it becomes available for checkout.

If the item is available, just click the 'check out' button on the item's page.

Items can be downloaded to your device for non-internet viewing.

You never need to worry about overdue digital materials.  They will return themselves automatically when due.

That's it!  Have fun with your new e-books and don't hesitate to contact the library for help.

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